By | 9月 15, 2020

近日,打开ysense的survey出现这样一段文字 “

We’ve noticed that some of your responses are not being provided as directed or are inconsistent with previous responses.
While our Quality Assurance Team reviews your responses, we’re restricting your access to Surveys.

Why are “surveys not for me”?

Please take your time to read and respond to each survey question truthfully with accurate information. The reason you are given the opportunity to make money online with surveys is because the researchers need your valuable input. If you are not being honest, your answers are not useful and you’ll quickly find yourself with no surveys to complete.

Your survey sessions are to be kept strictly confidential and you cannot share with anyone any of its content, including texts, images, videos and your answers. This also means that you cannot show others what answers to give that may help them qualify, through any method (e.g. videos, forums, articles, chats, etc).

意思是“我们注意到你的一些回复没有按照指示提供或者与之前的回复不一致。 当我们的质量保证团队审查您的答复时,我们限制您访问调查。 为什么“调查不适合我”? 请您花时间阅读并如实回答每个调查问题和准确的信息。你之所以有机会通过调查在网上赚钱,是因为研究人员需要你有价值的投入。如果你不诚实,你的答案是没有用的,你很快就会发现自己没有”。


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